LB Collision Repair Group has always been associated with superior customer service and workmanship.

First established in 1994, Carl Henty joined the company in 1997 as an apprentice collision technician, before purchasing the company from Louie Berker nine years later.

Driven by Carl’s enthusiasm, vision and commitment to continuing LB Collision Repair Group’s legacy of success, the company has progressively grown and now employs seventeen full-time staff including three apprentices.

By keeping pace with changing industry technologies and supporting the ongoing training and development of all team members, LB Collision Repair Group has sealed its reputation as a leading Whangarei collision repair centre.

Giving back to the community:

At LB Collision Repair Group we believe it’s important to support the community that has supported us all these years. That’s why we endeavour, wherever possible, to give back to our community.Currently, LB Collision Repair Group proudly sponsors:

  • Northland Golf Club
  • Mid Northern Rugby Club
  • Kaurihohore Hockey Club
  • Kaurihohore School

Environmentally Conscious Practises:

As responsible panel beaters, we support sustainable business values and believe that every business has a responsibility to minimise their impact on the environment. Through ongoing staff training, developing business plans and monitoring future trends we aim for a proactive approach to reducing our environmental footprint, while still creating opportunities for increased social and economic growth within our business and local community.

Some of the greener strategies we have implemented over the years include:

  • Using environmentally-friendly resources in our production processes where possible.
  • Limiting our general landfill waste by recycling most products from steels, cardboard, plastics and thinners.
  • Using dustless extraction units to ensure our workshop and customer vehicles are clean, dust-free and healthy.

Since 2012 we have been using PPG waterborne paint system. This reduces solvent emissions, which is better for our staff and the environment. Our health and safety is managed by an independent service to ensure a safe working environment for staff.  We have a fully compliant booth, mixing room and dangerous goods cabinet for hazardous chemicals.

Staff Training

With technology advancing at rapid rates, vehicle manufacturers are striving to stay ahead of the rest, in all aspects of safety, comfort and style; which means our staff and workshop facilities must follow suit. Our technicians are continually upskilling by undergoing training courses to keep up with the latest technology through PPG course programs, and I-CAR, an internationally recognised organisation dedicated to equipping automotive technicians with every skill and all the knowledge they need for the benefit of the industry and the customer.

Our Team

We consider our staff to be our greatest asset. We pride ourselves on our staff retention and the positive attitude of our team. We fully-fund medical insurance for all of our employees and conduct regular surveys to incorporate their feedback into the development of our business.

Apprentice Program

LB Collision Repair Group also has strong ties with MITO (Motor Industry Training Organization), of which our apprentices are members. Having started out as an apprentice himself, Carl continually supports and takes on new apprentices as he looks to the future. Currently, LB Collision Repair Group employs three apprentice staff.