Expect the best

For over a quarter of a century, our highly qualified and experienced technicians have been taking excellent care of our clients and their vehicles. LB Collision Repair Group is an approved repairer by all New Zealand insurance companies and has gained its status as an Authorised Repairer by most major New Zealand insurance companies because our work and facilities meet their extremely-high quality standards. Because we repair all vehicles to manufacturer’s specifications, repairs undertaken by LB Collision Repair Group will not impact on the factory body warranty and safety of your vehicle.

Minor & Major Panel Beating Repairs

Any change in the vehicle structure outside of the manufacturer’s specifications can alter passenger safety and vehicle performance. Our modern, up-to-date workshop facilities and machinery, which include the Car-O-Liner Inverter welder and Car-O-liner Chassis machine and measuring system, ensure vehicles are repaired to manufacturer’s specifications, by the capable hands of our highly skilled panel beating technicians.

How we repair motor vehicles today can change tomorrow, this is why we are always in touch with the vehicle manufacturer to ensure the correct repair techniques are implemented. We know that having a vehicle repaired following an accident is always something our clients need done yesterday, which is why we pride ourselves on our efficiency and strong time management procedures.

This is made easier in a spotless workplace, where floor hoists and lean processes are used. We understand our customer needs and work hard to maintain our reputation for excellence.

Vehicle Painting
& Touch-ups

Paint Protection

We offer Duraseal Paint Protection for all vehicles. Duraseal Paint Protection works by forming a barrier between your car’s paintwork and the elements, and is especially effective on new cars as it helps keep the shine, meaning less waxing and polishing! It also makes cleaning your car easier as no detergent is required, just running water.


A vehicle’s paint finish is one of the first things that meets the eye. The quality and durability of our finish is easy to see on all vehicles refinished by LB Collision Repair Group. We work with PPG Refinish, who supply most major automobile manufacturers throughout the world. PPG paints offer a lifetime warranty on repairs undertaken by our business, for as long as you own your vehicle.

All of our refinish staff regularly attend training courses at the PPG Refinish training Group in Auckland, to keep up-to-date with all the new colours, techniques and leaner processes continually being developed and manufactured. Paint manufacturers are always improving their technology and thinking of cleaner, greener ways. Louie Berkers Collision Repair Group has been one the first to try PPG Envriobase® waterborne paint technology in Whangarei. As a water-based product, Envriobase® has less VOC levels than solvent paint making it safer for our technicians and the environment.

commercial Repairs

LB Collision Repair Group also has Northlands latest and most modern Commercial Repair facility.

With dedicated Collision Repair and Paint Prep bays inside the rear of the building. The latest Thermoflow full down draft heated paint Booth to replicate a factory paint finish.

We specialize in Commercial Insurance Company work for all our contracted suppliers. We repair Fleet Operators, Emergency Service Vehicles, and all Motorhome RV Insurance repairs.

Fully fenced lock up yard and Commercial vehicle parking onsite. This is your one stop shop for anything Commercial.

Relief Vehicles

A relief vehicle can take the strain out of having an accident and allows your life to keep on rolling.

LB Collision Repair Group has a fleet of silver Mazda hatchbacks, each insured and with a full service plan, available for use in Whangarei district. Depending on the type of insurance cover and excess taken on your vehicle, a relief vehicle may be free of charge (covered by your insurance policy).

Before you take up the option of a relief vehicle, we strongly recommend that you check your insurance policy for the Rental Car option that may be in your documentation.

keeping up with new technology

Our technicians are highly experienced and receive ongoing professional training using the latest technologies, products and equipment to ensure your vehicle is repaired in strict adherence with manufacturer’s standards. By following manufacturer’s specifications we can assure you that all repairs carried out by LB Collision Repair Group will not impact the factory body warranty and safety of your vehicle.